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Transforming the Farmer to Consumer Supply Chain Project

A USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Grant 

Serving as a collaboration between industry partners, Transform F2C is a project designed to develop end-to-end supply chain partnerships with the goal of both producing climate smart commodities and marketing them via brands and retailers to consumers.
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Project Overview 

This project will span commodity production supply chains – from producer to consumer – with a specific focus on programs in organic soybean feedstock for dairies, food grade soy and food grade oats. It also includes a large manure management program in the dairy sector, which will prioritize methane reductions.


The power of existing and future investments by project partners will create scale and build trust in climate smart commodity markets. The project will execute an end-to-end supply chain strategy while optimizing the value of climate smart commodities so that farmers will benefit from a durable value- add and new market opportunity for their production. 

Engagement with farmers to implement climate smart commodity production is a cornerstone of this partnership. This project will offer a suite of financial, technical and agronomic services to farmers, lowering financial burdens and creating market certainty.


This project strives to support American farmers as they pursue new on-farm management activities and will invest in new infrastructure so that farmers can access new markets related to climate smart agriculture (CSA). We anticipate that these programs will involve over 395 independently owned farms across 18 states. The CSA practices outlined in this project are expected to reduce over 50,000 tons of CO2e over its five-year implementation. 

Meet the Carbon A List Team

Project Partners 

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