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Processor's Corner

Transforming the Farmer to Consumer Supply Chain 

Carbon A List, in collaboration with key industry partners, is excited to announce a Request for Proposals seeking Offerors to process Climate-Smart Commodities.

Carbon A List seeks proposals for the sourcing, traceability, processing, and marketing of CSCs. Successful proposals will demonstrate a strong farmer supply network, processing capacity, commitment to processing innovation, adherence to quality standards, traceability capabilities, and marketing experience.


Ongoing reporting and assessment will be required to document CSC properties and traceability of commodities.  


Request for Proposals

CSC Soybean Processing RFP
Coming Soon: Foodgrade CSC Oat Processing

Foodgrade CSC Oat Processing

What is a climate-smart commodity?

Climate-Smart Commodity (CSC) is defined, for the purposes of this project, as an agricultural commodity that is produced using farming, ranching or forestry practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or sequester carbon. 

Project Objectives 

The Project funding is intended to:

  • Encourage Climate-Smart Processing Practices: Support processors who are adopting or can adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable methods in processing agricultural commodities.  

  • Enhance Supply Chain Sustainability: Strengthen the overall sustainability of the supply chain by ensuring that the processing stage also adheres to climate-smart principles. 

  • Facilitate Market Development and Access for CSCs and Products: Assist processors in developing CSCs and products that meet the growing market demand for sustainable goods, thereby creating new market opportunities for farmers who are part of this initiative. 

  • Promote Innovation and Efficiency: Encourage innovative approaches in processing that can improve efficiency, create and develop new markets, reduce waste, and minimize the environmental footprint. 

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