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Legal Services Request for Proposals (RFP)

About Carbon A List

Carbon A List is a climate action instigator specialized in navigating the burgeoning opportunities for climate action, especially, but not limited to, the land sector. Our mission is to help clients and partners unlock climate action in a way that creates equity, transparency, and continuous improvement. Carbon A List offers strategic consulting, methodology development and design, and project development services to a wide range of climate-centric organizations.  

About the Grant

We are leveraging our expertise and positioning to deliver on a $70 million U.S. Department of Agriculture Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities grant (“the Grant”). Serving as a collaboration between industry partners, the Grant is designed to develop end-to-end supply chain partnerships with the goal of both producing climate smart commodities and marketing them via brands and retailers to consumers.  

About the Need

As part of the administration of the Grant, Carbon A List requires legal services to augment legal administration of over 400 contracts and various partnerships while maintaining compliance with federal regulations and Grant requirements. With those dual needs, we seek one proposal, or one proposal for each focus area, for two separate needs: (1) Contract Review and Legal Research Support, and (2) Federal Regulation Compliance Support.  

(1) Contract Review and Legal Research Support

Scope of Work

Contract Review: 

  • Review contract templates tailored to the requirements of the Grant and federal regulations. 

  • Provide timely feedback and reasoning behind comments and edits. 

Legal Research: 

  • Research topics focused on multijurisdictional contracts, agricultural and land management issues, business risk, greenhouse gas benefits, and additional topics as needed. 

  • Preparation of legal research memos as needed. 

Communication and Collaboration

  • Monthly calls with Carbon A List to discuss ongoing legal affairs. 

  • Regular updates on legal issues, risks, and compliance. 


  • Monthly calls with Carbon A List to discuss ongoing legal affairs. 

  • Regular updates on legal issues, risks, and compliance. 

Expected Deliverables:

  • Contract template creation and review 

  • Legal research memos 

  • Monthly calls to discuss legal affairs 

The specific timeline for the delivery of services will be determined in collaboration with Carbon A List.

(2) Federal Regulation Compliance Support

Scope of Work


  • Advise on compliance with federal regulations and Grant stipulations, particularly federal procurement and contracting regulations. 

Legal Research: 

  • Interpretation of federal regulations and Grant requirements. 

  • Memo drafting on specific legal matters focused on compliance issues. 

Expected Deliverables:

  • Legal research memos 

  • As-needed calls to discuss legal and compliance affairs 

The specific timeline for the delivery of services will be determined in collaboration with Carbon A List.

Proposal Requirements

Licensure and Accreditation

  • Juris Doctorate from an accredited school. 

  • Licensed to practice law in one or more of the following states: CA, CO, ID, IN, KS, MD, MI, MN, NE, NM, NY, OH, PA, TX, UT, WI.  

Evaluation Criteria

Qualification and Experience (30%)

  • Juris Doctorate and state licensure (mandatory). 

  • Experience in managing contracts and federal grant compliance depending on the role sought. 

  • Specific knowledge in agriculture, environmental laws, or related fields. 

  • Demonstrated success in similar projects. 

Approach and Methodology (25%)

  • Understanding of the project's needs and challenges. 

  • Proposed strategy for managing contracts and maintaining compliance depending on the role sought. 

  • Plans for collaboration and communication with Carbon A List. 

  • Adaptability to changing legal landscapes and regulations. 

Deliverables and Timeline (15%)

  • Clarity and feasibility of proposed deliverables. 

  • Alignment with project goals and requirements. 

  • A realistic and well-defined timeline. 

Cost of Proposal (20%)

  • Comprehensive breakdown of costs. 

  • Value for money considering the complexity and volume of the work. 

  • Transparency in pricing (hourly rates, fixed fees, etc.). 

References and Past Performance (10%) 

  • Provision of references from similar projects. 

  • Reputation for quality, reliability, and integrity. 

  • Evidence of successful past performance in comparable work. 

Additional Criteria: Commitment to Sustainability, Equity and Climate Goals 

  • Alignment with Carbon A List's mission and climate objectives. 

  • Sustainable practices within the firm or proposed approach. 

Please note if you are a Registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprise for our records. 


The budget range is: 

  • Contract Support: $65,000 - $95,000 total averaging 100 billable hours a year for up to 4.5 years.  

  • Federal Compliance Support: $75,000 - $120,000 total, averaging 100 billable hours a year for up to 4.5 years. 

Submission Guidelines 

Proposal submission deadline 

  • Date: Rolling submission with priority for submissions on or before December 22, 2023. 

  • Time: 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. 

  • Proposals received after the stated deadline will not be considered. 

Contact Information for Queries 

  • Name: Blake Atkerson, Director of Innovation and Legal Administration 

  • Email: 

  • Feel free to reach out with questions and comments. We're here to help! 

Format and Method of Submission 

Please follow directions in the submission form below. 


Terms and Conditions 

Contract duration 

The contract will be negotiated by Carbon A List and the selected proposer not to exceed 5 years. 

Payment terms 

Payment is made depending on the contractor’s compliance with payment standard operating procedures and processes. 

Federal Procurement Standards Compliance 

The contract will adhere to all federal procurement standards as outlined in the provided data. 

Conflict of Interest 

Upon selection, Carbon A List will request a copy of your organization's policy on conflicts of interest. 


For questions about the proposal, contact 


Priority Date for Proposals: Proposals received by December 22, 2023, will receive priority review. This proposal will stay open until filled. 

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